First breath: 1979, The Hague

First downhill on skis: 1984, Austria

First TV appearance: 1989, Telekids Hilversum

First significant music album: 1991, Metallica Black Album

First bassguitar: 1993, Eindhoven Rock City

First Music Festival: 1994, Dynamo Open Air Eindhoven

Stared down Grand Canyon: 1994, Arizona USA

First Walk of Fame: 1994, Hollywood Los Angeles

First band performance: 1995, Youth Vision

Landed first and last 180 kickflip: 1996

Graduated High School: 1999

Bicycle race on Circus Maximus with my dad:  2002, Rome

Saw One of 7 Wonders – Colosseum: 2002, Rome

Raved Love Parade: 2004, Berlin

Received Capoeira Orange-White Corda: 2005, Grupo Capoeira Brasil

Graduated University: 2006, Tilburg

First trip around the globe: 2006, Amsterdam-Bangkok-Sydney-Nadi-LA-Amsterdam

Toured all through Tilburg with rockers Qrious: 2003-2008

First deep sea dive: 2006, Great Barrier Reef Australia

First Oktoberfest: 2007, Augustiner Festhalle M√ľnchen

First wild Orang-utan encounter: 2009, Borneo

Enjoyed the best Guinness in the world: 2010, St. James Gate Dublin

First Whale Shark encounter: 2010, Mexico

Saw One of 7 Wonders – Chichen Itza: 2010, Mexico

Saw performance of The Matthaeus Passion by J.S. Bach: 2011

Joined a really, Really Cool Design Company: 2011, Tilburg

First entered The Temple of Abu Simbel: 2011, Egypt

Saw One of 7 Wonders – Great Pyramid of Giza : 2011, Egypt

First dive into the pool party with my best friends: 2012, Rehab HRH Las Vegas

First walk on water: 2012, shore of Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands

First swim in volcano-heated pool: 2012, Sao Miguel, Azores

First Mudmasters Obstacle Run: 2013, Biddinghuizen

Entered Hagia Sofia and Topkapi: 2014, Istanbul

First Digital Nomad experience: 2014, Tokyo-Kyoto, Japan

Played 3-day Tour for 10.000 people: 2014, De Cantusband

First Big 5 encounter: 2014, Kruger NP, South Africa

Jumped world’s highest Bungy bridge: 2014, Bloukrans, South Africa

First Great White Shark encounter: 2014, South Africa

First glacier crossing on snowmobile: 2015, Vatnajökull, Iceland

Cycled through the temples of Angkor: 2015, Siem Reap, Cambodia

First 24 hours in a jungle: 2015, Taman Negara, Malaysia

Got married! 2016, Valkenswaard, Netherlands

Bought a palace: 2016, Valkenswaard, Netherlands

Saw the Alhambra and Mezquita: 2016, Andalucia, Spain

First Daughter! 2016, Netherlands

First Team Championship: 2017, Netherlands

Second Daughter! 2018, Netherlands

First Olympic Bobsleigh ride: 2018, Sigulda, Latvia

First homebrewed beer: 2018, Forest Street Brewing

First Ibiza party life with my best friends: 2019, Ushuaia, Eivissa

Looked down the Caminito del Rey: 2021, Malaga, Spain

First skydive: 2021, Breda airport, Netherlands

First 24 hours in a desert: 2022, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Saw One of 7 Wonders – Petra: 2022, Jordan

Working at the smartest square kilometre in the world: 2023, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

First motorcycle ride: 2024, Eindhoven

So far so good: 2024